Instructions for accessing the Beta program

May 25 2015

Note: you need to sign-up for the Beta with your Apple ID email address.

  1. After signing for the beta version in about 24hours you will get an email from iTunes Store. Open that email on your iPhone.
  2. There is a “Open in Testflight” link in the email. Open that link.
  3. If you don’t have the TestFlight app already installed on your iPhone, App Store opens with TestFlight ready to install. Touch the “GET” link on the right. If you already did have TestFlight installed, jump to step 5.
  4. After TestFlight has installed, it opens and shows Relook app ready to be installed. However, sometimes the TestFlight is empty. In this case, go back to your mail client, open the invitation mail again and touch the “Open in TestFlight” link again as you did in step 2.
  5. Touch the “INSTALL” link on the right. The install begins.
  6. When the installing is complete, touch the “OPEN” link on the right. Relook app is also now on your homescreen. If you have any problems in installing or using the app, don’t hesitate to ask for help from us:
Posted by Ilkka Teppo